Want to be a game artist?

Getting your first break can be a confusing and daunting task.

If ​you are just starting out with 3D you probably have loads of questions:

  • "What skills do I need?"
  • "What software do I need to learn?"
  • "What can I ignore for now?"

OR maybe you are ready to apply for jobs but have found that competition for places can make it tough to get a foot in the door?

You might have sent of countless applications and done numerous art tests without success.

Are you stuck and unsure of what you are missing and what to do next?

  • "What do I put in my folio?"
  • "What do employers want to see?"
  • "Is my work even good enough?"
  • "How do I stand out from the crowd?"

​Students and graduates have so many questions.

There’s loads of advice out there but so much of this can be conflicting and is often offered by others who are still students themselves.

It can all add to the noise and be very overwhelming.

It can also set many off on the wrong path, causing them to sink loads of time into the wrong things when there can be a quicker, smarter way.

Worst of all, many try and fail over and over and eventually give up altogether. They settle for a career in something else, or work in QA as it’s the closest they can get to their real dream of being a game artist, always looking on enviously at what could have been.

Do you ever wish you had someone that could point you in the right direction?

Someone that understands how things really work in the industry and who knows how best to guide you to your goals?

Well, that’s why I’ve started up Game Art Mentor.

Who Am I?

I am a working industry Art Director with 14 years direct experience of making game art across all disciplines. I have been working at lead/director level for the past 10 years and have shipped many titles on almost every platform.

The internet is full of tutorials on how to use all the various packages and how model almost anything. But how do you know what you should actually be working on to better your chances of success, and what you can just ignore for now?

I can help you answer all of these questions and more to give you the best possible chance of achieving your dream.

Finally getting that first position in the industry to launch your career as a professional game artist!